It’s been a while, and I had a desire to make another book, so I did. This took¬† me an afternoon, plus drying time. Not too bad!

I wanted a larger notebook which I could use as a bullet journal – more of the decorative scrapbook kind. I’ve been using¬†my previous notebook in that way, and there were a few things I’d learned from regular use:

  1. Gluing in nice paper, using washi tape, sticking in things like tickets, all made the book fatter and it no longer sits closed.
  2. I worried a lot about the endpaper only covering the inner cover. It looks ugly, but it doesn’t really affect the book’s structure that much.
  3. Art paper is wasted on notebook pages, unless it’s specifically going to be used for art.
  4. It’s a bit small.
  5. I also wanted a bit more of a squarish shape.

I addressed all of these points with my new book. Take a look!