Month: April 2018

I decided to make an ongoing playlist of my synth studies – I’ll add a new song whenever I finish one.

Synthwave Studies

I’ve been playing around a lot with songwriting and recording lately. Most of what’s come out has been very early 2000s – think grunge, hard rock, and a little delve into pop RnB. It’s not amazing music, but it is a lot of fun to put together!

Most of the music I’ve been listening to in the past six months has been synthwave. This is a completely new genre to explore, and it’s pretty fascinating. It’s a very electronic sound, based on the sounds used in 80s music production, and it’s meant to evoke that “futuristic” image of dark cityscapes and neon signs.

I’ve been using GarageBand and my laptop keyboard to write the music, which is a bit of a frustrating experience. I’ve bought a MIDI keyboard and when it arrives, I’ll move on to Reason 10. Reason will give me an insane amount of options to find the exact sounds I want, and not just for synthwave sounds. Very exciting. It does also mean a lot of learning about what everything is, and how to better produce and mix music. All good.

There are specific things I want to study – breaking down the synthwave songs I listen to by “instrument” and listening for trends, typical sounds, how they’re used and what makes them fit into the song. I’m also very tempted to try and recreate my favourite synthwave songs.

Here’s one of the tracks that came out of my writing/recording session last night. My aim was to make a song that sounds like it would fit into the genre. I’m not 100% convinced right now, but it’s okay.



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